BetterLife’s mission is to deliver a better life, where individuals can live a full life without compromise. We are a life sciences company creating and clinically validating an evolving intellectual property portfolio of novel molecules and drug delivery mechanisms for development of products addressing mental health disorders.


BetterLife intends to start a clinical trial utilizing TD-0148A in 2022 focused on: MDD / TRD (Major Depressive Disorder, or Treatment Resistant Depression, depending on jurisdiction.)


BetterLife is at pre-clinical stage of development for the potential treatment of benzodiazepine dependency, anxiety and spasticity.


BetterLife is planning clinical trials of AP-003 to test the efficacy of IFNa2b for treatment of COVID-19. AP-003 is being developed as a novel interferon alpha2b (IFNa2b) inhalation formulation.

IFNa2b has been used to treat COVID 19 in China.² Subject to receiving marketing authorization, AP-003 could potentially be used to treat patients early after COVID 19 infection which may potentially prevent the progression to severe disease and need for hospitalization.³

  1. Through its wholly-owned
    subsidiary, Altum Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  2. Dong et al, 2020; Lu, 2020; Shen & Yang, 2020; Zhou et al, 2020
  3. Altum Clin Protocol ALT 003 COV 01 2020 04 30

If successful in clinical trials, AP-003 may potentially be positioned as an initial treatment for COVID 19 and similar viruses.